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General Information

Apple Ridge Family Medicine has a commitment to continuity of care with your physician and the ability to reserve access for same-day sick visits. Our ability to maintain this involves an ongoing partnership with you, our patient.

Scheduling Appointments

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. For same-day appointments, please make every effort to call before 10:00 am. Late arrivals will be seen at the next available appointment slot; we may have to reschedule to another day depending on the circumstance.


Appointment Policies: There will be a charge for any missed appointments unless a 24-hour notice is given. Three missed appointments will result in dismissal from the practice.

When You Arrive for Your Visit

First-time patients may download and complete our New Patient forms ahead of time. Visit our new patient page to learn more. For patients under our ongoing care, please bring all relevant paperwork with you to every visit. Please also bring along all medications so that we can verify them and provide you with appropriate refills.

After hours/On call service/portal messages

If you choose to reach out to a provider during non-business hours or anytime via your patient portal, your insurance will be billed as appropriate for utilizing this service.  Co pays, Coinsurance, and deductible may apply.  If the patient is self-pay, the patient will be billed.  We encourage this service to only be used for emergent services that cannot wait for normal business hours. 


Patients should not contact our providers on their personal e mail, social media, or home or cell phone. 


Medication Refills

We understand medication refills, medication shortages, and pharmacy communication have been very frustrating for our patients recently.   This is not a simple task to maneuver.   Due to staff shortages, it may take our office 2-3 business days to complete a request for medications refills and 7-10 business days if prior authorization is required by your insurance.  We will only do one prior authorization for that medication category per year.  We are constantly trying to improve this service and we ask that you are patient and compliant with our required policies.  Most patients are required to see the physician at least every six months for chronic conditions.  Sick visits do not count as an acceptable visit.  We ask that you notify our office of medication request as early as 30 days prior to needing the refill. 

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